Business opportunities are endless…you just need the right combination of leadership and strategy…

Family Business

Family Business, where there is multiple generations can be difficult to navigate, especially when there is disruption or stressful situations arise. Alix is able to facilitate communications that lead to better governance and operations with a focus on family first.

Mentoring & Coaching

A passion for Alix is to help lead and coach individuals and teams into better performing leaders to achieve the goals, be it taking over the family business or just being able to understand the financial position or key drivers of the business operations.

Succession & Exit

Succession and exit are different for different businesses. There are a range of options to companies and these options need a serious plan. An exit event for a family business is difficult to navigate, succession of a family member, outside CEO placement, a management buy-out, a full or partial sale to a private company or Private Equity and even a closure are all events that need to be planned to maximize the return to shareholders.

Executive & Governance

Alix is able to act as an interim CEO on an as needs basis to help drive and deliver strategic outcomes of the business while facilitating a succession plan for the business.

Alix is open to positions on Advisory and Non-Executive Boards, where the position aligns with her experience, interests and time.


Business strategy is about positioning your business to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Alix is able to help develop product and market strategies with your business so that business goals can be achieved. Taking a holistic approach and being able to facilitate research and analysis of the macro environment, industry, competitors and customers to looking internally to leverage your companies position to meet your customers requirements.

Restructuring & Turnaround

Having lead significant turnarounds of large and small family enterprises, Alix is able to understand the complex position of owners and help leverage the businesses and her existing network to navigate the business to the best outcome for the family.

Staff Offshoring

Offshoring staff overseas is a daunting but viable alternative to reduce operating costs whilst still maintaining the level or service that you require.

Offshoring staff approach is not about removing your back office or making numerous redundancies in your business operations, it is about enhancing your existing staffing operations and allowing for growth through freeing up operational cash to reinvest back into the business.

This service provides high quality candidates in established offices outside of Australia. Creating a strategic plan to enhance your operations, from helping with process and procedure creating to facilitating the hiring and placement or handling the entire project.

Let’s build something great together